What I think of the John Ford Trial

I got asked this one a couple of times. Everyone seemed to want me to say something profound since I was a lawyer. Trust me on this I don’t care or am even interested. Practicing law in Memphis is quite an interesting John Grisham Novel in and of itself. I don’t need distractions. From what I read so I could informatively write this it seemed a fairly pedestrian corruption case. I’m surprised there wasn’t a plea bargain.

I wasn’t happy about the he has expensive jewelry and no way to pay for it so it has to be corruption. I thought the evidence could have been stronger. When there wasn’t a wire it seemed a bit slanted, but that’s to be expected.

In terms of exposing corruption or bad government in Memphis I think it was rather a dud. He was clearly afraid of getting caught and not counting on anything systemic. I don’t think Memphis has a corruption problem in government, I think it has a culture problem. There aren’t enough people willing to make waves or call systemic problems out. What few people who do get drowned out by calls for no change like the Juvenile Court Judgeship a few months ago.

Memphis has a lot going for it. Crime isn’t that bad here. I had my window broken in. All my relatives freaked out over living in downtown Memphis. Let’s review what I did though.
1. Stayed at Law Library until 8:30 P.M.
2. Parked on street.
3. Had stuff in car.
My Dad when he lived in D.C. in the 60’s had his apartment broken into and everything stolen down to the toilet paper, twice.

The vagrants go away if you ask them most of the time. Compare to downtown Atlanta where if you glance at them wrong they start yelling at you.

Memphis is a little poor. So what? We’re a regional center, not a cosmopolitan worldwide Metropolis like New York or Atlanta. But we contribute a unique culture that enriches both those places and send our more advanced and trained population out to them.

So don’t make much of the John Ford trial, its just TV.