I’m noticing a lot of Memphis lawyers finish their correspondence with this just after someone under dire threat caves in to their demands. This in another example of not knowing what it is that you do or not paying attention.

A thousand years ago when you had a claim against someone in all likelihood you’d send out thugs, kinda like the Sopranos. Law is the substitute for brute might. How would you feel if someone stuck a gun to your head and took your money and then had the gaul to thank you for your cooperation.

Pretty crummy. That’s right. A lawyer thanking someone for their cooperation in most circumstances either doesn’t understand what it is they do (note I’m not saying what they do) or is fulfilling a need to belittle others.

So please any other lawyers reading this stop thanking people for their cooperation unless you rarely do it and you understand what I wrote above. If you don’t understand it, then you shouldn’t be thanking people for their cooperation, just trust me.

One of the major downsides I considered in my decision to become a Memphis divorce lawyer was that every year I was in law school there seemed to be a story about a divorce lawyer getting blown away by an ex-spouse of a client and I think one time a client. Thanking someone for their cooperation seems like a good way to increase the likelihood of the above. It is really stupid.

As a lawyer I will do and say things that will hurt individuals in a profound manner. That’s what you have to do to be an effective alternative to violence. Rubbing it in can only be described as tactless.