Lobster King has been closed for "remolding" about a month now I'm beginning to get scared.

I had the cow boy cut ribeye at Tango and Murff's. Its the best country steakhouse steak I've had. Tender, flavorful, black angus beef. Served with Texas Toast and your choice of potato. My parent's enjoyed the barbecue, but Mom agreed the Ribs were world class.

I had a thought on Pro Bono. Its a shame there is such a vast disparity between pro bono and for profit. There are alot of cases I find interesting would work on at a reduced fee. Usually those are the cases where people make an extra effort to pay me, btw.

One of the strange things about pro bono is when they realize they have a young attorney. They magically find the money for a private attorney! It amazes me how bad people's judgement is. From their description of their legal problems they are throwing anything less than $5,000 away. Half way on a legal issue is worse than not any of the way.

In praise of Bureacratic Efficiency. I know that's strange, but Kudos to the Shelby County Sheriff's department for decreasing the number of entrances into the courthouse and installing machines and additional screeners at the remaining ones. I haven't seen a line for quite awhile.

They need to start letting Memphis attorneys carry tape recorders in. There is a statue saying we are allowed to use them to record the proceedings.