I remember going to the Arcade a couple of times when I was much younger. The area was run down and seedy. Dad loved the place, very authentic. Despite adding pizza and whole wheat bread under new owners amazingly enough it still is. Cute waitresses too. I think its one of those places you have to eat at to be a real Memphian along with Corky's, Gridley's in the back when, and Wang's.

My condo downtown is slowly nearing completion. It is at Carolina Place which is the best value I could find. I went to a place called Builder's Specialities in the outer outer Cordova, beyond Wolfchase to pick out the lights. Amazingly, none fit my decorative standards. It was uniformly phony colony. The very nice man who showed me around said one time a couple from California flew back to California to pick out the lights. Apparently Faxon-Gillis is good at keeping cost down by decreasing choice.

Went to the Crawfish festival. Apparently the head of the young lawyer social section didn't think that a requirement of buying tickets in advance was a good idea to put in the notice. Goes along with no signs for the YLD tent at the Barbecue fest last year. Go Memphis Lawyers!

Starbucks is discontinuing the Molasses cookie. Its been a molasses flavored cookie treat. It went really well with the iced coffee.

El Porton still rocks. I remember when I went to the one out in Germantown on west street. I would have beef and shrimp fajitas which seemed like a treat. It was so hard to avoid the chicken. Now I like the tamale and the beef quesadilla is crispy.

Lesson from Divorce Law- Minimizing taxes is an expensive sideshow. I see this in so many areas of life spend $1000 to save $100.