Hot Fuzz

By the creators of Shaun of the Dead, currently its not showing at a lot of theaters. I saw it at Studio on the Square which is an attempt by Malco to create a slightly more upscale adult movie theater. The gourmet pizza wasn’t great. A thin crust but the cheese seemed less than authentic, nothing kills a pizza like low quality cheese. They also had a nice wine selection I didn’t indulge in.

The movie was quite funny though it did fall a little flat. A British police office who outshown everyone gets transferred to a small model village where he chases after farm animals. He discovers after awhile that everything is not as it seems. Then he has to clean the town up in an action film sort of way. I found the philosophical angle of excellence being derided and the dilbertisation of society to be present.

The 300

Speaking of Dilbertisation. I was listening to NPR when I heard the review of 300 as overly violent and historically inaccurate in not depicting a role of other Greeks. Then I saw the movie and other Greeks had a definite supporting role. I seriously think the reviewer did not see the movie and just fell into a cliché anti-violence theme.

Actually, this is the rare movie that finally gets violence right. The Spartans enter into the war reluctantly and King Leonidus engages in great deliberation, but when he decides to fight he does so without reservation.

Comparisons of the movie as depicting Arabs as barbarious hordes are also misplaced. The Persians could just as easily be us. The Spartans commentary of cowardly arrows parallel Arabic commentary of cowardliness in American forces for using jets and other standoff weaponry.
I think the reaction to the movie is very informative. I flipped through the comic which was published before the Iraq war, the movie was very true to the source material. That material happened before 9-11. I think its very interesting no one picked up on a counter –theme that might be critical of us.

All of which is imaginary of course. The movie is just that a movie. The commentary is on a higher level, that there are some things worth fighting for which is timeless and more important and the often forgotten corollary that some things are not worth fighting for or even productive to do so and fighting should be approached with grave discomfort.

Blades of Glory
A funny light-hearted movie. Delivers what you see in the trailer, no review necessary.