Haven’t reviewed Memphis for awhile.

Baklava seems to be doing well Café Francisco services a decent one and the smooth moves on Union apparently has an excellent homemade version that’s very reasonably priced.

I tried the cowboy cut ribeye at Tango and Murff’s. Arguably the best steak in Memphis. Thick charcoal grilled taste. One of the best steaks ever. Served with a twice baked potato and Texas Toast its the classic country steakhouse steak.

Heavenly Hoagies on Union also has excellent cheesesteaks. The bun isn’t overly bready or tough and the meat is genuine flavorful ribeye and not skimpy either.

I had an excellent business lunch at the Crescent City on Ridgeway. Cajun food used to be almost impossible to find with any level of quality. While not New Orlean, Crescent City delivers the goods and is way cheaper then the 8 hour drive.

Tried the Hibachi at Stix at the new mall on Houston Levee. Not the best. The fried rice seemed undercooked. A-tan’s has a great Hibachi at a more reasonable value, especially for early birds.
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Pitman Glass on airways did a great and efficient job on my windshield when it got busted out when I stayed at the Law Library way too late.