Recently having joined Bartlett 211. I thought I'd review the fine food at the lodge.

The first meal was hot dogs with chili. I have to give credit where due. They were fine hot dogs cooked until charred on the outside.

Then there was the feast of the Holy Diabetes which consisted of three varieties of cookies, a cake, ice cream, a vegetable tray and peanut brittle.

The breakfast at the York Rite had quite decent sausage and biscuits with a selection of gloriously innovative prepackaged donuts.

The best was the shriners which had some quite good barbecue by the hillbillies and for desert you could choose either ho-hos or twinkies.

After the Shriner initiation spiffy ride had air in the line which as I went to the starbucks next to the dealership Biffy the Birdy Bully threatened to take me down.