Review of the Inn at Hunt Phelan

Had a pleasant ethical dinner after a hard day of work and filing with one of my law clerks at the Inn at Hunt Phelan. I’ve read a couple of reviews that indicated it might be the best place in Memphis, and from several young lawyer functions I know they serve a mean white wine of some sort. Also their garden is pretty.

Located in back of Beale kinda in the Ghetto and hard to get to, its an interesting place. I remember when it was a charismatic rundown residence. Now it’s an upscale restaurant! I love progress. Mother took me when I was little, it had a strange odor that’s gone now.

After sitting down with my date law clerk I perused the menu and then seeing the prices of the entrees and adding the appetizers (my favorite part) I saw the tasting menu which at 70 dollars offered 7 courses for the price of 3. What a bargain I thought, we can be sophisticated too.

First there was pork rillade which was ground fairly smokey pork covered with fat. Hmm, my law clerk didn’t eat any and claimed to be a member of an anti-pork religious group. So I informed the waitress no pork or other shellfish which the kitchen came back with a no problem.

Had a lovely seared tuna dish with couscous, which I and my law clerk enjoyed though she didn’t look at it. Had foie gras cold with jelly, which was different but not my thing and my law clerk tried a little bit with prodding. Fattened liver needs to be seared, cold its just a bit funky tasting baloney.

The cold soup was not overly memorable but was very good, I think. For what I think was normally the scallop dish they used a piece of white fish that they served spot on firm and non-fishy tasting with some purple potatoes that I thought were funny.

The lamb chops for the main dish were solid, but lamb is not my thing. The brownie cake with butter pecan ice cream rocked. I loved how they crammed the pecans in but yet had an excellent ice cream texture.

In terms of ratings its definitely at the top of the Memphis heap. Its hard to rank it with encore. I kinda like encore a little better and the prices are cheaper. Need to try the regular menu and guys don’t get tasting menus for ethical dinners with law clerks. At least for regular restaurants, I think Japanese would be a good choice.