Henderson got married this weekend in Houston. I was a little relieved. The next event would have been vertical climbs in Alaska or somesuch. Very nice wedding. At the rehearsal dinner Henderson gave on of the most heart felt speeches I’ve heard. I didn’t get up as I couldn’t think of anything to say and lessons from a Memphis divorce attorney didn’t seem appropriate.

I’ve learned from Henderson a lot about how you can get away with an incredible amount if your intentions aren’t malicious. Wooping and hollerin is okay.
Lost my cellphone in Hobby. Southwest was very diligent in getting it back. Left in seatback pocket. I would have been a really sad Memphis lawyer without my cell. My PDA died last week so I was left without attorney tools. Got my Palm PDA back in the mail.

Palm customer support sucks though. Took 45 minutes to get a return authorization. If you are going to do indian tech support have a chat and spring for a decent line. Static doesn't help when you are talking to Sammy the tech support guy who thinks any american would have a last name of Sanji.

The rehearsal was at Maggiano’s little italy which had an awesome banquet room and was a really surprisingly nice place for a rehearsal. The floral arrangement had boodock balls that Mrs. Jones fdx’d in from Pontotoc. I thought they were really nice and unique. Definite southern charm there.

Ate nachos at Ninfa’s. Okay but not worthy of 800. Little cubes of skirt steak on top.
The galleria is a really big mall. Almost got some truffles at Neiman Marcus but decided against it. We all went to fox sports bar and watched the games. Real heartbreaker for Michigan. Had the french dip. Good meat good cheese but they served it on a plain white deli bread with onions that sorta ruined it. Should’ve been a hard bread with character. Everyone else enjoyed their food though.

I’ve also learned that Divorce Clients can be very very lazy. Its very disconcerting. Memphis lawyers charge 150+ an hour but yet clients won’t do the most basic record compilation or get the bank statements you ask for. Then they complain about price.

I think I am going to start 2 new blogs on legal subject memphis divorce blog and tennesseemedicalpracticelawblog.

Got a gray suit at casual male. It looks really snappy and adds variety to my wardrobe.
Ate at Salsa for lunch. Okay,. Really wanted a Margarita.

Went to a Young lawyers annual meeting at the Rendevous. It was neat. Had the annual elections. Very memphis cultural. Upstairs area. Little rib buffet. Talked. Judge Childress won judge of the year. I voted for Robilio as I had a case in front of her and she seemed very well informed, but I’ve heard very good things about Judge Childress. Some very cute young lawyers there.

Some other young lawyers who I’ve met progressing along working for parents. Tax estates, not many intentional solos. In fact I’m the only one. Kinda scary.