Went to DWB hotwings and had some hot honey wings. Absolutely, first rate. Memphis has great hot wings. You can see pride when they show you the wings before they close up the box. A little hot but not ridiculous.

Tried Brother Juniper for Breakfast. It was very good, but very expensive. Some of it lacked flair, the baked on premises cinnamon rolls were lacking and seemed made from a mix or just not very good. The gyro stuffed omelette was somewhat sparing on the gyro meat which at 7.95 is unfortunate for a breakfast place. The home fries were very good and crunchy with a nice garlic kick. The coffee was also quite outstanding. However, it’s a solid but not world class breakfast place. Reminds me, I saw an article the Camilla Grill in NO has reopened. Hurrah.

Ate at J. Alexanders by Wolfchase. Still has an excellent salad. Getting a bit pricey.
They still have molasses cookie at starbucks. I think they were out and the server was trying to torture me with stories of their untimely demise. To that end Lobster King has reopened!! Hurrah. I was getting worried.

Tried Dos Margaritas Across from Costco on Hacks Cross. Quite good. Very flexible, let me have chorizo with my cheese dip. Yummy. Their desserts aren’t to good though. The sopapillas did not seem hot and fresh.

Went to a reception at Baker Donaldson blah blah etc. Had some excellent appetizers catered by Spindini a new place downtown by some Grisanti people. Apparently, it’s not a crocheting store like I’ve been thinking. Italian style antipasto, some great olive spread, and cute little flavorful deserts including some great chocolate little tarts and fruit cakes.

Baker Donaldson had a lobby straight out of a seventies vanity fair. Had a deposition and Hannover Shelton and they had a much more elegant modern lobby with good hardwood floors and an incredible view.