What I Would Do If I was On City Council

I was seriously considering joining the internet televangelists and other characters applying for the city council petition until I read the five year residency requirement. Oh well, I guess that can wait.

However, that made me think about what I would do if I was on the council. Unfortunately, I would probably be presumed unethical due to the association; however, being a lawyer everyone who’s not a lawyer probably assumes that which is why I’d be an ideal candidate. Having already flipped out over what I perceive as a generally unethical or at best blissfully ignorant of the ethical rules civil bar I’d be more concerned with carrying ethics in a zealous crusade to other areas.

That’s just what the city council needs. If everyone gets concerned over all the other areas of unethical behavior among the government, lawyers, and other members of society, then the council will be free and clear. Also, would you try to bribe someone who publically castigates others for being unethical. Most wouldn’t.

So the city council needs to tone down the internal ethics reform. As a lawyer I can verify having rules doesn’t work because no one can seem to remember or even have a little itch of familiarity over more than two or three, the stealing from clients is bad thing seems to be the numerical limit. Going after other people will sharpen everyone’s senses on what ethics really are (Why do we need stricter rules on giving favors and taking bribes is bad?) and as a byproduct give the council a sterling reputation cleanup.