Brunch at Tavern on the Green was memorable. Aunt brought her gay friends P and E who while not impressed with the place thought it was nice for P's birthday. The whole place had a sort of venerable cheesiness with faux elegance alot of the creature shaped topiary is fake from the 50's apparent throughout.

The service was excellent. After E ordered some sort of cocktail I ordered a berry berry cocktail which was quite good.

Aunt got eggs and bacon(what) with E ordering a french toast which he said was quite good. I got eggs benedict with asparagus which I though was a much better accompaniment than the potatoes at Balthazar. The Hollandaise was acceptable but not perfect and the muffins weren't as well scorched as at Balthazar.

Overall, a good destination for a tourist. I tried dumplings and the mandoo(korean for dumpling) factory in koreatown. Not the greatest. Should stick to the korean bbq which I've had before and is a must do if you've never had it before. Everyone ordering fried rice should have been a clue in.

Best Chocolate in Manhattan rankings. 1. Maison du Chocolate. 2. Teuscher 3. Neuhaus. Curiously all around rockfeller center with the exception of Neuhaus in Grand central and around 75 a pound which is comparable to Godiva.
When back in Memphis I went to Harry's Detour on South main where I had previously tried the london broil which was quite nice and a change. Had the steak this time which was perfectly done with some red wine reduction and squash throughout. The mussels were decent but not great they had some sort of cheesiness that seemed to clash with the white wine.
A very nice casual place with a laid back feel to it and regular prices. Kind of place you could eat at every day if you lived across the street and didn't feel like cooking. Seemed to have a light hand with the cooking oil.

Went to a young lawyer/CPA mixer where Ed, my official black friend and potential future guest blogger(currently planning to review soul food) , suggested I compose a bucket list to be contemporary. He also suggested that I compose a list of 10 cutest lawyers in Memphis, Stacy head of the young lawyers said that was a bad idea. Afterwards, we discussed it further and determined that Stacy was right and it would be better to do a top 5 firms with cutest lawyers.

1. Eat a 3 star Michellin restaurant in Paris
2. French Laundry
3. Go to Vegas.
4. Skydiving.
5. Go on Larry King and say Hello Larry.

Met several cute CPA's who all professed a love for NASCAR and hunting to go with preparing taxes.