Wow finally a slow week. Its amazing how I was wishing for more to do and then wammo!
Working some eighty hour weeks. Eventful though. Defended a medical malpractice deposition. That was fun. It was at Holden, Deal, and Cooper. They had some okay coffee but need to spring for real dairy creamer and a non-saccarine sweetner.

Slow at signing up new cases though. Starting running behind on responding to legalmatch. Did some work on my website used a guy from Romania to do some directory submissions. My memphis lawyer was submitted to 500 directories for 100 dollars. I did two articles I posted on my website that I’ve been meaning to get around to for awhile.

I’ve discovered an interesting area of law in Memphis – contempt and child support. I’ve been doing some reading and working on a substantive article. Its really a misunderstood part of Memphis divorce law. There are some pervasive misunderstandings here of some fairly basic areas law.

I need to do more networking, that’s been running behind to. Referred cases are the best cases after all.

I saw Borat and to be honest while it starts off fairly well by the end it starts getting a little slow and a little overly vulgar. Like Borat carry around his bathroom product. It was a little over the top. The beauty of the beginning was it seemed like it might be a little realistic and an actual documentary.

Finished largely filling out the Mississippi Bar . Man that really suxed. Took about 15 hours of work I think.

Went to lobster king the other day. Had to wait. That was okay but I think they are overcharging on weekends. Been going to wangs a little more now. Still good egg foo young and the dumpling are still the best.

Tried Heavenly hoagies on Union. Really really good. Flavorful meat and bread that really compliments the sandwich and has a great texture.