Feeling like a steak and never having tried the Butcher Shop on the night of the Art Fest I decided to try it out. Entering I encountered the musty/slightly smelly atmosphere of a country steakhouse, which I found surprising having expected a more Folks Folesque feel to the place.
The friendly waitress overcame my desire to bolt out of the place expecting a less than ideal meal. The prices seemed a tad high for a country steakhouse but in line with downtown norms. I tried the shrimp skillet which was yummy but not remarkable.
The steak was well done and perfectly medium rare. The Hickory cooking was a nice change from the fattier panfrying and other more in vogue cooking methods. I had vegetables on the side instead of potato and was rewarded with a serving of heated birds eye frozen vegetables which did not justify the surcharge. The Texas Toast looked just right but alas bread was outside the diet so I didn’t try any.
Overall, I would not recommend the place but if you are longing for a country steakhouse and are downtown, it’s the best option.

Having started a theme and feeling compelled to finish I next tried the new mesquite Chop house which scored high points for atmosphere. Unfortunately that was the tops. I started with the diver scallop appetizer which was solidly done and involved cheese and scallops, but the bacon appeared to be salad bacon rather than home made which for the prices charged is unacceptable.

I then had the Ribeye which was very good meat and well done. The accompanying fried onions of which I tried a few were also quite good. The horseradish hollandaise was where it fell apart. It tasted a little watery and had little noticeable flavor and might have been cool. Circa’s wasn’t perfect but was at least indisputably the real stuff. If I went again I’d try one of the butter based toppings.
Overall, I can’t say there is a good solid steakhouse downtown. Daily Grill, Encore, and Circa all serve excellent and better steaks. If I was planning to entertain a business client who wanted a steakhouse I would do Mesquite Grill, but I’d feel nervous he’d want the Hollandaise. Currently, my pick for a serious business engagement would be Daily Grill with McEwens a close second.