Flying fish has opened downtown. Its a fish market of the type starting to pop up even now in Memphis. Lots of kitchy fishing stuff, but that doesn't compromise the quality of the food. The fish tacos were decent but the breading overly heavy and to be honest fish tacos should have grilled fish. Breading + tortilla is excessive. The oysters on the half shell were very nice. Go on Sunday when they are .25 each.

The key lime pie is quite decent, not spectacular, but a modest slice of flavorful liminess.

The crawfish is very good served hot and spicy. You don't need any sauce or anything. The gumbo also is quite good, not excessively thick, and spicy in a complex way rather than just molten hot sauce of the Half Shell.

The fried oysters are decent, but not great.

On the subject of Oysters when you order Oyster's bordelaise at N'Awlins you get a ridicoulously gigantic stack. N'awlins is closing on June 24th which is really sad. Its the best restaraunt I've tried here and a great value. Encore is the next runner up.

I tried big foot lounge and they do have an excellent hamburger and the french dip is quite good.
I want to try the cobbler but the portions are so big I'll never get to it.