In the first part of David soul food adventure I went to Alcenia’s on North Main near the cook convention center. Prominently featured for Jams and desert it was nearly deserted for lunch. Soul food being a cuisine that thrives on volume and expecting at least some crowd at twelve noon at a place open for lunch, I braced for a mediocre meal.

I ordered the pork chop lunch with yams and lima beans. The beans were quite good firm but not hard with some boiled okra that complimented well. The Yams likewise had a great texture with a not over the top sauce. The pork chops were a perfectly done fried pork chop without the often unnecessary gravy.

Also had a hot wing appetizer while waiting that was quite good with a hot syrupy but not overly sweet sauce. The wings were well done but not cut into separate pieces (ie the whole wing not drummies and wing) which I find offputting though its suppose to feel more authentic.
Overall, a very good start. The place should be packed.

Went to the Fourway Restaurant next. I had fried chicken which was solid if not great along with yams and greens. The greens were solid, I wasn't overly impressed with the Yams which were good but not great.