What I wish I had done.

I really wish I had taken family law. You can pick it up on the fly, but its hard. Virtually everyone wants to do estate and probate. Its clean work, but its hard to get starting out. A lot of it is doing wills at cut rates and waiting for your clients to keel over.

Saving as much money as possible would be a good start. Start using paperport to manage all your documents to get in the habit. Get in really good shape to have a professional portrait done and have one done now when you are young. Handsome beats everything but old and pasty and of a majority ethnic group for lawyers.

Take as many trial advocacy courses as possible. Those really helped me. Take as much evidence as is allowed.

Getting a website up and aging would have been a great idea.

Anyway that’s all I can think of for now.

David, Esq.

Mr. Sandy,
I'm currently a 1L law student at West Virginia University and am interested in going into solo-practice soon after I graduate. I already have a CPA license, and will be clerking with a major law firm here in West Virginia. My entire purpose for going to law school was to work for myself because I worked for the U.S. Treasury Dept. for about a year after college and really really disliked the structure of my everyday work. I hope to "set up shop" somewhere in the Columbus, OH metro area and want to practice tax, estate planning, property transfer, and general litigation.
I noticed that you began your solo-practice right after law school and was wondering if you had any advice for some one in my shoes?
1L Law Student