Memphis's Small Business Community is very vibrant and alive, with lots of services and fora for startups and their owners to listen and learn... or just to get that essential help they need, in order to be successful.

One thing that makes Memphis great is the great startup community here. Many cities are lacking helpful resources for small business launches. Memphis has many! Here are some organizations and links to their website.

LaunchMemphis: LaunchMemphis is a fantastic company, an extension of LaunchYourCity, which helps entrepreneurs with promising startups get their company ready to pitch to investors and to hone their competitive edge.

From their site:
'If you have a raw idea for a new startup, LaunchMemphis is where you turn before incubators and before investors.  More formally, LaunchMemphis (501c3) supports the earliest stages of entrepreneurship in Memphis with dynamic programs that are designed to help potential entrepreneurs to take the first actionable steps of starting a new business.'


One of Launch Memphis's strategic partners is "Seed Hatchery." These people are great, as are all of the Launch Memphis partners. Anyone who has a cutting-edge company idea fleshed out should go see these people.

From their website:
'Have a big idea? Then you're in the right place. Seed Hatchery is a cohort startup accelerator or seed fund, offering founders and their game-changing business concepts the 3 M's: Money, Mentors and a Marine-style bootcamp. And a bonus M: Memphis!'

Another of Launch Memphis's strategic partners is the "Wolf River Angels," a community of successful investors who are interested in helping the city grow, in part by helping the best and the brightest to succeed in their ventures.

From their web site:
'The mission of Wolf River Angels is to help grow the economic base of the region through the rapid development of high growth potential startup companies while enabling members a favorable return on their time commitment, a "Return on Involvement," and invested capital, a "Return on Investment."'

Located on the campus of Memphis's largest research university, The University of Memphis, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation helps the university's students start companies, with many services directly available, without the students having to leave the main campus.
From their web site:

'The CEI offers the following services:
• Idea development
• Customized technical assistance
• Skills training
• Mentoring
• Networking support
• Legal advice
• Financial guidance
• Personalized feedback on business plans'

Also well-known in the local startup 'scene' is Emerge Memphis, located in South Downtown, an area that exemplifies innovation and renewal.

From their web site:
'EmergeMemphis provides services and support for fast growing start-up businesses, emerging growth firms, and small businesses whose success may be significant to the growth of the local economic base. We select clients with the fundamentals necessary for long-term growth and success.'