Interesting Highlights For Memphis

Memphis reelected a mayor so good he can moonlight, and no candidate who was more compelling who promised to work full time.

Juvenile Acquired its First Lawyer Judge .

Notable Restaurants Opened Downtown including Circa, Daily Grill, Spindini, and Pearl’s Oyster House.

Things We Should Have Learned during the Year

When the Three leading democratic candidates said they couldn’t commit to being out of Iraq until 2013, we should have learned that the two party system is dead.

When the West Memphis cops weren’t fired we should have learned cops always get the benefit of the doubt and that the common rhetorical trick of confusing a failure to prove heinous acts also proves there was no poor judgment is a good trick.

Economists don’t know what they are talking about witness the mortgage crisis which everyone without a doctorate in Economics saw coming

While I’m not sure how long this will last I’m going to try to do a post every Friday.
Finish a novel.
Ask for more money upfront.
Continue going to the gym.
Get a storefront law office and use the extra space for a gallery.
Continue to Focus while getting more employment cases.