Don't Pay the uninformed tax. 

Nationally, homebuyers pay an average commision of about 5.5%. There's of course a portion of the population that pays full rate and assumes their agent is going to work extra hard. That's ill informed. Before the advent of the internet, listing agents did have to perform quite a bit of advertising, open houses, and showing, but in the modern era 90% of houses sell due to their listing in the Multiple Listing Service where realtors go to construct lists to show clients and the listing are syndicated to most major venues. 

       A listing agent's primary task is to enter the listing in the MLS and put up a yard sign that accounts for about another 5% of sales. 


       In fact, an agent can typically expect to sell an additional property due to the traffic that listings generate. 


      I offer a no-nonsense "full service" listing for 4% of the closing price above $100,000 for listing that I feel are competitively priced and that I want to represent. Most of that (3%) will go the buyers agent who brings a buyer. If you are selling through a relocation company then we can discuss increasing the amount paid to the buyers agent which should increase showing. 


      Please contact me if you're interested in listing with me.