High Point Terrace comprises one of the most popular and adaptable Memphis neighborhoods. High Point Terrace is generally geographically defined as being located north of Walnut Grove Road, east of North Highland Street, south of Summer Avenue and west of North Graham Street. Sam Cooper Boulevard, a local freeway, cuts the northern section off from the rest of the neighborhood. Chandler and Chandler started building highpoint terrace in the 40's out of the Greenlawn subdivision. 

The main thoroughfare (also called High Point Terrace) is several blocks long and contains a small shopping area with a grocery store, dry cleaners, hybrid bicycle shop, pizza shop, barber shop, pub and a few other businesses. Property values in High Point Terrace are some of the highest per square foot in the city of Memphis. There are approximately 4,000 residents and 1,800 homes (most of which are examples of early post-World War II minimal traditional design) in the area.


A sparse development of the area began in 1900, but the major development occurred during the early 1940s, but World War II slowed development for several years. The whole area of was completed by 1953. The construction of Sam Cooper Boulevard (which was originally to be I-40) destroyed many of the original homes built at the turn of the century.