Property taxes are one of the main factors when determining the return on your real estate investment. Listed below are the tax details for Shelby County, Memphis, Germantown, Lakeland, and Arlington.

Shelby County Property Tax

Per $100 assessed value which is 25% of Appraised Value Per $100,000 = (tax rate/4)x1000

Shelby County Taxes Taxes per $100,000 Appraised Value

$4.42 Outside Memphis $110

$4.38 Inside Memphis $1095

Memphis Property Tax

The 2017 tax rate is $3.271481 per $100 assessed value.

Germantown Property Tax

$1.93 City of Germantown $487.50

Lakeland Property Tax

$.85 Lakeland City Taxes $212.50

Arlington Property Tax

$1.15 Arlington City Taxes $287.50


If you live in the municipality add those.

Keep in mind unincorporated areas can be incorporated into cities. Areas around Cordova have been especially likely to be incorporated in recent years.